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PC Hunting Games

Personal Computer Games or PC Games are video games played on personal computers. To run a game on a PC, the computer should satisfy minimum configuration, for example; a particular operating system, a minimum CD ROM speed, processor, video card etc. However, these requirements can vary for different games. There are different types of PC games available such as racing, strategy, shooting, hunting and arcade. We can get these games in form of CD or DVD in the market. You can also obtain them through online delivery.

One of the most interesting game types is Hunting Games. These games are for smart thinking natural strategy makers. Hunting games can give you a realistic feel of being in forest environment. The game is usually equipped with the sounds of animals and other elements in a forest. Some games allow you to choose between different weapon types. They also allow you to choose between different accessories for hunting. These games also provide you with different environment to hunt, in terms of weather and time in the day or night. Different level of difficulties and modes make these games more interesting and thrilling.

Some of the most popular PC hunting games are Hunting Unlimited 2011, Deer Hunter Tournament, and Remington Super Slam Hunting: Africa.

In the Hunting Unlimited 2011 game, you can:
• Track down seven popular animals.
• Hunt while standing as well as stalking when playing trophy kill.
• Face challenges while spotting the animals quickly.
• Choose from 12 weapons.
• Play in different weather and places.

In the Deer Hunter Tournament game you can:
• Play a online tournament, which updates with various tournament opportunities periodically
• Play in an environment, where the animals can smell, hear, and even fight.
• Gauge the environment and playing condition with the help of bullet time, thermal scopes, and scouting capabilities.
• Play on eleven maps such as, Ozark Mountains, Lake of the Ozarks, New Hampshire shooting range, Rocky Mountains, and British Columbia, to name a few.
• Play in high mechanism Hunters sense, adrenaline mode and stealth to sight in and shoot. Not to mention the amazing graphics are very good.

In the Remington Super Slam Hunting: Africa game, you can
• Hunt the African Big Five.
• Choose between four role plays.
• Environments spread out over the east, west and south of Africa.
• Upgrade weapons and clothes.

There are also many free hunting games to play on HuntingGames.Zone like Supreme Deer Hunting, Bear Hunting, Turkey Hunting and many more.  All of the free games here are browser-based so there is no need to download anything.  All of the games are hosted on the website and are ready for you to play from your PC and laptop!