SAS Zombie Assault 2

Title: SAS Zombie Assault 2

Description: Have you ever thought about what you would do if you found yourself alone in a world filled with undead souls searching for human flesh to satisfy their need for blood? Well, you are about to find the answer to that question. It's a good thing that you've got lots of guns and ammo that you can use to defend yourself!

How to play - Use the WSAD keys to move about. Press the R key to reload your weapon. Use the Q and E keys to alternate weapon selection. Use the F key to both barricade up windows and open doors. Hit the G key to toss a grenade at the enemy and blow them to smithereens. Use your mouse to aim and fire your weapons. Press the spacebar if you want to pause the game, go to shop, or choose a different weapon. As you play you will unlock new weapons that will help you defeat the undead masses.

Show no mercy to these savage beasts because you will find no mercy shown to you when they are feasting on your innards!