Sniper Duty

Title: Sniper Duty

Description: How do you perform under pressure? Imagine that you only have sixty seconds to scope out and pick off as many of the advancing enemy targets as possible. You will be earning points, but more importantly you'll be protecting your life! Take note of the points awarded for head and chest shots, and the value difference between a rifle and pistol shot. Enter your name in the designated field and click PLAY NOW with your mouse to start.

How to play - Drag your mouse to aim and left click to fire your weapon. Press the space bar to alternate between the pistol and the rifle. Use the pistol for close combat and the rifle for the longer shots. Press the R key to reload each weapon. You have limited rounds for each weapon and must achieve minimum accuracy requirement to advance to the next location. Monitor your score below.

Good luck soldier! Make us proud! Hooah!