America's Army

Title: America's Army

Description: So you want to join the Army and protect and fight for the good old US of A? First you'll need to make it through basic training. Today you'll be field training with an M16 assault rifle. Targets will appear in the field, and you must take them out quickly and with excellent precision. There is no room for mistakes in battle, and that is why training you is so important. Click START GAME to begin.

How to play - Like most shooting games, just drag your mouse to aim and click on the left mouse button to fire. You have 20 rounds in your clip, so make each one count if you want a high score. Each time you clear an enemy target recenter your view of the field. A target could appear to your extreme left or right and if you don't recenter you may not see it. Don't get fast with the trigger on those long shots. Squeeze off a round only once your sights are locked on.

This is basic training soldier! Nobody said it was going to be a picnic! Now get out there and show us what you've got!