Supreme Deer Hunting

Title: Supreme Deer Hunting

Description: If the Whitetail deer hunter in you is yearning to get out, here is your chance to get some tail! See if you've got the aim to bag some trophies when you play this supreme game created by Jeff Campbell. Before you begin by clicking START SEASON take note of how many and what kind of deer it takes to earn the trophies.

How to play - Use your mouse to aim and click to fire your weapon. At the end of each round you'll be given the opportunity to purchase upgrades on sights, scopes, rifles and more. Build your arsenal of firepower and turn yourself in the a pro hunter! Go for a head shot or a heart shot for a single shot kill. You have 3 shots per round, so don't get trigger happy! There are 60 days in the hunting season, so you've got the opportunity you need to earn a trophy!

Put on your camo hat, stretch out your right index finger, and get your head right! Let the hunt begin!