Kenai River Run

Title: Kenai River Run

Description: Kenai River Run is a fun fishing game. You are on a holiday and fishing is one of your favorite hobbies; therefore, you take a trip to the Kenai River to catch some fish and exhibit your fishing skills. Get your fishing gear ready and be prepared for a nice workout with the fish of the river.

Some tips to brush up on your fishing skills:

1. Controls: Kenai River Run makes use of the mouse only. Move the targeting cursor around the river using the mouse. The left mouse button mainly makes you cast your rod into the river.

2. At the start and during the game, you can freely choose from one of six baits on the upper right side of the screen. Pick one that you think is suitable for you and the fish and get started.

3. Fishing takes some practice. Look closely at the river for the shadows of each fish and get used to seeing them that way. There is a delay, so you must time it right so that the cast lands directly on the fish. You cannot just aim the cursor on a fish and instantly catch it with the press of the left mouse button.

4. A good tactic is to look for slow moving fish first in order to practice the timing of launching your cast. Once you get the hang of it, go after the fast ones so you can learn the timing for those fish.

5. When a fish bites the bait, the game will automatically reel it in for you. The longer it takes, the bigger the fish.

6. There are a wide variety of fish to catch, from Salmon to Steelheads and many others. You can also catch some unusual items that are not fish, like cell phones and logs. Give Kenai River Run a try and catch as much fish as you can with your fishing skills!