Turkey Shooter 3D

Title: Turkey Shooter 3D

Description: Turkey Shooter 3D is an exciting first person shooter in the hunting games genre. You play the role of a Pilgrim who is armed with a powerful shotgun. The Native American Indians have challenged you to a friendly game of hunting down turkeys in their territory. Accept their challenge and come home with a lot of turkey for your meal!

Tips on playing the game:

1. Controls: Turkey Shooter 3D makes extensive use of the mouse and keyboard. With the keyboard, you can move up, down, left or right using the appropriate directional buttons on the keyboard. Another way to move in this game is to use the letters on the keyboard. The W and S buttons make you move up or down. The Q and E buttons make you turn to the left and right. New to this control scheme is the ability to strafe to the left and right by using the A and D buttons. All the shooting takes place with the mouse. Press the left mouse button to fire your gun. Move the mouse around to aim your gun at the turkeys.

2. You are armed with a powerful shotgun, which means turkeys will die in one hit. However, the shotgun has limited range, so it is best to move in as close as you can to your targets before firing.

3. The faster you shoot, the more points you get, so aim and shoot as fast as possible once you acquire a target.

4. As you move up in between levels, the turkeys move faster and there are more environments that can protect turkeys from your shots.

5. You have infinite shotgun shells; however, you cannot miss five times in a row or the game is over. If you love hunting games and want to show off your shooting skills, give Turkey Shooter 3D a try and rack up those points by shooting down turkeys!