Winter Stag Jigsaw Puzzle

Title: Winter Stag Jigsaw Puzzle

Description: Envision a beautiful white background with snow covered trees and a clear running stream. Amidst this serene backdrop the winter stag grazes with grace. Nature has so much to offer and it is so aptly presented in this game. Lost in its own world the stag seems to have found its peace.

How to play - There are 4 play modes in this game. Easy (12 piece puzzle) , Medium (48 piece puzzle), Hard (108 piece puzzle) and Expert (192 piece puzzle ...Phew !!!). Choose the mode you are most comfortable with, by selecting the appropriate play mode. Once you choose a mode, the puzzle comes up on the screen. At the bottom center of the screen, you will find a shuffle button, clicking on which the puzzle pieces get jumbled up and you are ready to start your game. You can use this shuffle button as many times as you want to move around the puzzle pieces, to help you visualize better. It is important to note that there is a timer bar at the top of the puzzle that tracks your time. The game is over if your time runs out! If you think this is adding pressure to your game, you always have the option to click on the remove time button, which disables the timer. You also have a preview button which gives you a chance to look at the final result that you need to achieve. Use your mouse to move the puzzle pieces into the right position. If you want to move more than one piece at one go, use the Ctrl+left mouse click to select all the pieces you want to move and then...move them ! The game is over once your puzzle is solved or if your time runs out (if you have enabled the timer) Once your game is over, the time taken to complete is shown, which helps you beat your personal best!

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