The Proving Grounds

Title: The Proving Grounds

Description: If hunting animals gives you some excitement, then The Proving Grounds is probably one of the best hunting games for you. The graphics and danger are all too real in The Proving Grounds. Get your hunting clothes and rifle ready, and step into the forest for some animal hunting.

Some advice on playing The Proving Grounds:

1. Instructions: The controls are simple. Aim at animals with your rifle by using the mouse. Press the left mouse button to fire your weapon. Zoom in on far targets by holding down the space bar button.

2. Every animal you see is a target. You score the most points by shooting down animals who are not aware of your presence. You also score a lot of points for shooting down far targets, so make use of that zoom button. You lose points for scaring animals away, so aim and shoot your rifle as fast as you can before they spot you.

3. You can steady your aim by not moving your mouse. Moving your mouse slowly keeps the aim steady while moving your mouse too fast resets the reticule on your weapon and it will take time to aim it properly again.

4. When bears notice you, they will attack. Use your knife to defend yourself against danger. When the bar on top of the screen reaches the green marking, press the left mouse button to successfully defend yourself against hostile bears. Failure to do so hurts you and makes you lose lives.

5. The game is over when too many bears maul you down or you have used up all twenty shots for your rifle.

If you have always wanted to be a hunter and are not satisfied with other hunting games, then The Proving Grounds is made just for you. Hunting down animals has never been more fun and danger has never been more real as you step into a detailed forest filled with a variety of animals.