Bird Hunter

Title: Bird Hunter

Description: What do you think that you would have to do to earn a title like Bird Hunter? Well, you would have to travel around the world and hunt all kinds of birds in all kinds of environments. The average hunter can shoot birds with a gun, but you are an elite hunter who only hunts with bow and arrow!

How to play - Each day that you hunt will require you to harvest a certain number of birds at each location. You will earn coins that you can later use to purchase weapon and ammo upgrades as well as other items. Use your mouse to aim the bow. Click and hold the left mouse button to pull back the bowstring. When you are ready to release the arrow, let go of the mouse button. Parachutes will fall carrying items such as health. Monitor your frustration meter. If you miss too many birds, you get frustrated and won't want to hunt any more. Go to the store at the end of your hunts to purchase helpful items.

To be honest, I'm not much for many of these bow games, but this one is rather good! I hope that you enjoy it too!