Pheasant Hunting

Title: Pheasant Hunting

Description: There is nothing quite like going out for a pheasant hunt! You head out into the golden fields, with a blue sky and a lush green forest in the distance, and then a pair of pheasants take off 25 yards in front of you. You pull up your 12 guage, take aim and shoot a rooster right out of the sky!

How to play - Game play is quite simple. Use your mouse to aim your shotgun and left-click with your mouse to squeeze the trigger and fire off a round. Reload is automatic. Shoot the rooster pheasants to earn points. Don't shoot the hens or you will lose points. You must earn 1,000 points in each round to proceed to the next round. The birds are fast and fly close together. It's better to miss a rooster than to kill a hen!

There will be roast pheasant on the table for dinner tonight! Go get some!