Bag A Monster Buck

Title: Bag A Monster Buck

Description: Get ready to experience the monster buck hunt of a life time! Pack your bags because you'll be traveling all over United States in pursuit of the elusive whitetail deer. Each hunt will include superb scenery,lots and lots of beautiful big whitetail bucks, and just a few MONSTERS! Have a blast playing this great hunting game presented by Versus Country.

How to play - Aim with your mouse, left click to fire, and press the spacebar to reload your firearm. You are hunting with an over-and-under double-barrel shotgun, so reload after two shots. The farther off your shot is, the more points you'll get if it is a good hit. It will take two good hits to bring down the monster buck when you see one. You need to meet the level minimum of kills if you want to proceed to the next level. Try to harvest as many deer as you can to earn max points.

Good luck Hunter! See how many trophy bucks you can get mounted on your wall!