Dzik Hunter

Title: Dzik Hunter

Description: Before you start hunting, you have to ask yourself an important question. What the heck is a dzik? You need to ask yourself this so that you now what to look for when you get out there on the hunt. Well, as it turns out, a dzik is a Polish wild boar that apparently can run a mach speeds and is very difficult to hunt. They can grow quite large and do make a nice ham sandwich or, when fried, sidle up nicely next to some eggs over easy. Let's give props to the game creators, DzikHunters at

How to play - In theory the game play is quite simple. See how long that pays off when those speedy dziks race across your screen. You know the drill by now - aim and shoot with your mouse. Forget about reloading; just hunt down as many of those big piggies as you can. Earn a high score by harvesting as much bacon as you can in 30 seconds.

Now that you know what a dzik is, it's time to bring on the pain! Blam, blam, blam goes the shotgun!