Animal Hunter

Title: Animal Hunter

Description: If you like bow hunting games and like shooting at basically anything that falls into the wildlife category, then this game should be right up your alley! Shoot at flying birds, land birds, rabbits and more! Walk through the forest terrain and hunt your prey. This cool hunter game is presented by the folks over at Enjoy!

How to play - To move through the forest use the left and right arrow keys. Press up and down arrow keys to change the elevation of your bow to line up a shot. Press and hold down the space bar to power up for a shot, and release the space bar to release the bow string and arrow. The hunt will last as long as you can keep up! You will see alarm clocks appear on the ground. Pick those up to get extra time. Earn maximum points by shooting everything that comes by and taking advantage of the time bonuses when you can.

In this virtual hunting game you can harvest more wildlife in one sitting than you could all season in the real hunting world!